Who Are We?

The Food Justice Club is a program that works to enforce food justice. Food Justice is the idea of communities exercising their right to grow, sell, and eat healthy food.” and that all communities should have equal quantity and quality of food. Currently our group consists of 5 young adults that believe in providing our communities with more support to end issues such as food deserts and child obesity. We work year round to achieve our goal through community outreach and working with kids at our family center. During the school year we work with kids and teach them how to be healthy. We do activities such as word puzzles, trivia games, and lectures to provide information for the kids to make smarter life decisions. During the summer we work with the nearby La Familia Verde Farmers Market to sell our fresh grown produce and allow our kids to experience the taste of organic fruit and vegetables. Occasionally we also conduct trips to our community gardens and teach the kids how to start and maintain a garden.

My name is Rashaun Buchanan and I am a freshman at Lehman College. I am also the coordinator of the Food Justice Club. My job is to work with the rest of my group to educate the youth that we work with on the importance of food justice and guide them to live a more beneficial lifestyle. Prior to working with the Food Justice Club I was working at the La Familia Verde and South Bronx farmers markets to sell fresh fruits and vegetables to the community. Working at these locations really gave me insight as to how many people in the Bronx communities needed a reliable food source where they could purchase affordable and quality food. Before that I used to work with the Broadway Presbyterian Church to distribute food bags at their food pantry. What I enjoy about this program is the ability it gives me to spread knowledge and help others. We teach our youth topics such as how to reach a nutrition label or the benefits of certain fruits and vegetables and it is always rewarding to see when the kids are having fun learning about healthy eating and even discussing the topics we teach them after the program is over. The most joy I get from the program is when we do community outreach or participate at the local farmers market and I get to support others.

My name is Hennecys Perez and I am a junior in high school. I am the person who reaches out to elected officials for support in helping our communities receive food and making sure they are educated on various healthy habits they should implement in their lifestyles. In the Food Justice Program, I have experience with gardening a variety of plants and conducting cooking demos for others to learn online whether it’s on YouTube or social media. This program is amazing and I like how it teaches partner-ship and how you get to learn various gardening skills so you are able to grow plants indoors or outdoors. Also, I like how it teaches community outreach, awareness, and activism as we try to convince elected officials to support our community aquaponic garden to not only help to provide healthy produced goods for people but make the planet cleaner by providing funds for plants resulting in more clean air.

My name is Michael Gonzalez, Graduated from High School. I am a member from The Food Justice Club and my position is to maintain the garden, making sure the plants are growing, if the plants need water or if anything needs to be repaired in the garden. I haven’t garden much in the past but joining this club again I was willing to learn more about planting, how we all can grow healthy food. I have been in The Food Justice Club before, and the experience was great. Teaching the kids how to eat better and showing them different ways you can eat your favorite junk food is healthy and also wanting the community to make better choices in food. What I like about the program is that we have youth who want to make a change, who wants the community to be healthy, who are excited to plant. I wasn’t sure at first about gardening but I learned many skills and different ways to plant. You have to make sure it has enough water and sun, make sure it is clean and once you see your plant growing you get that excitement where you want to grow more. With learning, and having some experience now some day I would want the kids and the adults to grow plants also, grow tomatoes, or lettuce, beans. 

My name is Andy Fernandez and I am a senior in high school. I am the one who looks after the plants we grow. I make sure that the plants grow properly and that any equipment we use for gardening isn’t damaged or broken. I have been a part of the Food Justice Club for quite a few years before. What I did in the past Food Justice Club wasn’t all that different to what we are doing now like gardening, cooking demos and lessons. However this time it’s a little ambitious, we are planning to have a hydroponic farm and possibly a aquaponic for a more efficient and effective way to grow fruits and vegetables. What I enjoy about the program is some of the knowledge and skills it teaches me. I get some more information of what’s inside of the food we eat on the daily and how it affects our body.

My name  is Christopher Johnson and I am a senior in high school. I am a member of the Food Justice Club and I am the one who runs the bake sales and food drives to raise money for our garden. I started Food Justice in early December of 2020 and the club’s impact on the community drew me in along with many other factors. It is important to teach ourselves and the youth about finding ways to eat healthier. It is a necessity to teach the youth about healthy eating to lower obesity rates and keep a well nourished population for years to come. I got into food justice in order to educate myself on food and be able to make a difference in my community when I grow up.