Our Hydroponic Plan

What is hydroponics? Hydroponics is a type of farming that includes growing different fruits and vegetables directly into liquid nutrient based solutions thus reducing the need for soil.

Hydroponics means “working water” (hydro means water and ponos mean labor). With a hydroponic farm you don’t need to use soil to grow plants. It’s a more efficient  method to grow fruits and vegetables faster and larger. This farming method is one of the most commonly used methods other than regular planting. It is a little difficult and could cost a little more but there are different cheap hydroponics setups that could be used. For some people the idea of growing plants with no soil may be strange but the science behind it is quite genius. In Hydroponics the water does all the work. The water’s main function is delivering nutrients to the plant roots. The benefits of using hydroponics is that you don’t  need to worry about soil, it uses water up to 90% more efficiently than standard gardening, and production increases 3 to 10 times more in the same amount of space. 

Aquaponics is another method of hydroponics and what makes it so special is the use of fish. This system implements fish so that the fish can  eat and produce waste and it creates the perfect fertilizer for growing plants. Aquaponics mimics a natural ecosystem and it represents the relationship between water, aquatic life, bacteria, nutrient dynamics, and plants which grow together in waterways all over the world. The way that this works is that the roots of the plants it gathers beneficial bacteria gather in the spaces between the roots and that converts the fish waste and the solid into substances the plants can use to grow. The benefits that the aquaponics has is that environmentally responsible with low water usage and low power usage, The primary inputs to the system are fish food and water. This setup is a little more challenging to maintain than regular hydroponics because you have to add fish to the list of things you need to monitor. If not properly taken care of the fish can be exposed to diseases and inturn affect your plants, however if all goes well having fish in your system can boost it’s aesthetics and be fun to watch.

The Food Justice Club is a program operated by young individuals whose mission is to enforce food justice so people have access to healthy produced goods and are encouraged to live a healthier life style. We can see our communities struggling and feel that everyone should have exercise the idea of growing, selling and eating healthy foods.We believe that we will be able to end food deserts and decrease obesity rates through education as we teach families especially children how to eat healthy to prevent health or body issues.We are currently operating a plan to construct an aquaponic farm that is not only an effective alternative but it is really efficient in producing healthy goods while using less water allowing kids to experience the taste of organic fruit and vegetables that have not been processed or manufactured. This system allows us to grow produce all year round and because it has a domino effect as the fish produce fertilizer for the plants, the plants clean the water and the fish have clean water all we have to do is check on the maintenance and feed the fish.Our group wants to educate the children our future so they learn the importance of eating healthy through trips, projects, games, cooking demos and more so they have the best quality of life. Although there are some obstacles like funding we won’t give up until we achieve our goal.