Home Gardens

Honestly I have had a great experience with my home gardens. I have grown plants in my house before but never on the scale that I could use what I grow for my family. At first I was excited to see all of the seeds I would get to grow but unfortunately I had a hard time getting my seeds to sprout. On the other hand my tomato plant was growing very fast and it still is to this day. It took a lot of time trying to adjust my watering schedule so that I was not harming the plant. Sadly I still do not have any red tomatoes as of yet but I did not let that stop me. I became interested in finding other ways for my seed to grow and I did research with the group. Eventually I was able to start growing more seeds and I even grew a whole pot of peppermint that I turned into tea for my mother and I. – Rashaun

My experience with the Food Justice program and gardening was interesting because I got to learn new things about the maintenance of plants as we prepared for our hydroponic farm project. It was pleasant working in a collaborative group with individuals around my age because it shows me that people my age care about the community as well. Gardening was only one aspect and it was inspiring for me because I got to create as well as grow a living thing which is a skill I need for my future career as an environmental engineer. When we got the supplies I was really excited, we built the artificial light and set up the plants, next thing I know my plants we’re already sprouting. I called them my babies and watered them every two days so they wouldn’t get dry leaves. They continued to grow and my bean plants are really tall which was great but two of my plants died sadly. Today, my plants are still doing well but now I have a fly problem so my mom has to order sticky fly catchers. My beans have also dried up so I really need to get rid of these flies but other than that so far so good. – Hennecys

When the idea of gardening at home came up I was clueless because I didn’t know how to plant a seed but I did want to learn how to. When I was given soil and seeds to grow I had no idea what I was doing. When I was planting the seeds in the soil I had to make sure the plant didn’t have too much water. I failed a couple of times and I kept putting so much water then I didn’t know if I put the seeds in the soil right. As I observe and pay attention I tried it again and this time correctly , and I was getting more into it. Now I was getting more excited to see the results. As weeks passed some plants we’re growing and I had to check if the soil was getting dried up, if they were getting enough sunlight and, if it was time to transfer the plants that were growing to a bigger pot and with that progress I had to be careful I wouldn’t pull the roots off from every plant. My experience planting a home is going great because I’m learning many things as I go, and there is still many more things I need to learn. – Michael

I had experience with growing plants for quite a few years now, but never at home. My first issue was finding any space to even put these plants. At first it was going well, my tomato plant who I named Jerry was doing well and my seedlings were also doing fine. After a week, the leaves on Jerry started to cripple and turn brown but he still kept growing. Only one of my seedlings actually grew so I probably planted the others incorrectly. Jerry started to grow even more and has become quite large and now has little flowers growing. The only seedling that grew who I named Arthur, I transplanted to a pot and he quickly died afterwards. When it comes to planting crops outside in a bed, I know what I should do and how I should do it to an extent, but at home it’s different and it has been quite fun learning this so far. – Andy

Update: As of January 2021 we have started our own hydroponic home systems in preparation of our bigger system that we hope to build later on this year.