During these times while our country is facing a pandemic low income communities especially, in the Bronx are struggling to get access to food. The Food Justice Club is working hard to do our part in the community by creating plans to build a hydroponic farm and having a food pantry where bags with food are given to the less fortunate. Our group works outside two days a week dedicated to providing food for others. On Mondays we work at our center we filling bags with all of the necessities a family would need to make 3 meals a day. On Tuesdays we work at the La Familia Verde Farmers Market to sell affordable and organic fruits and vegetables to the community. The market’s produce consists of corn, beets, herbs, kale, peaches, cilantro, peppers, collard greens, and many more delicious and healthy options. After working at the farmers market we head over to one of the three Tremont community gardens to tend to the plants and start planning for our hydroponic project.